A European Lifestyle You Can Attain Any Place You Find Yourself ~ with a Tranquil Approach to Living

Stylish European Urban & Electric Assist Bicycles, European Eco-Efficient Tiny Homes, and more…
I’m an “expat” who lives in the Pyrenees Mountains and travels here-and-there in Europe. My friends in the States regularly ask me to help them find items that will simplify their lifestyle and instill a fresh approach to their regular routines. I created & curated this list for them – they shared it with others – and it has taken on a lifestyle of its own.This collection reflects the sensibilities of what I come across in the Pyrenees Mountains, in gorgeous towns along the Mediterranean Sea, and in art-minded, stylish European cities.

Each item has a 4-star or more rating. I hope you enjoy shopping as much as I enjoy helping you change the way you think about yourself and your life.

Game Changers