First, let me say… I’m thrilled that you happened upon this little corner of the virtual world. There is so much noise around us and I look forward to a time when everything just settles down. Until then, each of us can find our own peace, joy, and passion. We can craft our spaces the way that we feel is honest, simple, comfortable and inspiring to each of us.

I consider this website to be about you and not me. But I should explain the Simply Seu idea.

The word Seu is from the Catalan language. And as is with a few important Catalan words, Seu takes on different meanings depending upon the setting or intent of the speaker. Seu can mean “his or hers” or “sit” or “or gather” or “find yourself in one place for a moment in time.” I like that last one.

I may not know you, but maybe by your visiting here, I can guess a little bit about you. I’ll guess that the qualities you enjoy in others are kindness, integrity, dignity, and poise. And that you are a reflection of those.

You have an appreciation of the noble arts. You might like to write and aspire towards good penmanship. You read the books that others overlook. You find time to wander along back roads and you notice small details in bustling cities. You enjoy your own company and quiet time.

If you are like me, you enjoy deep and intelligent conversations where you pay close attention to the inspired thoughts of others, maybe think about their ideas overnight, and then get back to them with your own “take” that expands upon that conversation.

Just a hunch.

Thank you for sharing this space.

— Lisa J