Rock, Paper, & No Scissors.

By |July 24th, 2019|healthy living, kindness, marriage, self-worth|

This morning seemed to be another “Invisibility Cloak” day. We all have these moments, when people don’t notice us - by mistake, by design, or by our own silent acceptance of not being seen. When it is by mistake, it is usually because someone’s thoughts are overwhelmed or are consumed by

What Does Independence Feel Like To You?

By |July 1st, 2019|bicycles, independence, marriage|

If you think this is a political post... it's not. But keep reading, because on this July week celebrating Independence Day in the United States, AND Canada Day in well - you know - Canada, AND let's not forget Bastille Day is mid-month in France, the topic of independence is on my mind. Independence is a virtue that too often gets wrapped up in the waving of a flag or the showing of colors. Sometimes its investing in tattoos and nose rings, or sneaking out in apparel that your mom really wishes you wouldn't wear (your mom is right - you just don't know it yet). If a human must shout about PERSONAL INDEPENDENCE, are they really that independent? I [...]