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Best Friend Bicycle Basket – Dog Carrier in Verona, Italy

I spotted this wonderful pet carrier basket this summer in Verona, Italy! So I knew I had to hunt it down for my stateside pet loving friends! I found a bike basket that is even more sensational!

Of course they want to go! Your “best friend” loves to included on your adventures. You might be riding to the local library to pick up a book and then straight to a street-side cafe table.

You can quietly read your book and enjoy a glass of wine, while your 4-pawed-pal laps up cold water brought to them in a bowl by the attentive Bistro server.

That sound you hear? It’s nearby diners blowing kisses to “Mister or Miss Well Behaved” as well as ooing & aahing over your bike and beautiful basket.

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The Tagalong Wicker Bicycle Basket is made with resin wicker and is weather-resistant; basket dimensions are 15 in. x 11 in. x 9.5 in. and fits pets up to 13 lb.

The faux-sheepskin liner provides a comfortable surface for your dog to sit on and the basket’s wicker construction is breathable to give your pet a breeze

SECURE RIDE: The basket includes an adjustable safety leash to keep your pet secure while riding

EASY-TO-CLEAN: The faux-sheepskin basket liner easily removes and is washable; use cold water with mild detergent and line dry

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