• This is slick! Great for writers, musicians, or those who need a wonderfully tranquil hideaway in their garden. I see these precious little container homes tucked amongst the urban gardens throughout Berlin, Germany and Bern, Switzerland. At night they are all aglow with lights and everything one needs running on solar energy!
  • Electric assist bicycles are now one of the most popular modes of transportation in Europe. This little black number is as classy as any bike you will see on the streets of Berlin or Paris. And affordable! Should you yearn to pedal from your B&B through the busy 18th arrondissement on your way to Mont Marte, you'll fly up the last hill past other non-electric bicycle riders - and you will not be out of breath when you reach your destination. Up to 26 miles on a charge!  Stylish. Unique cantilever front fork to absorb road bumps, and a basket to hold your fresh baguette and a good read!
  • This past winter I spent time at a beautiful tiny home tucked into a remote ski resort in the Alps of Switzerland. So many families in Europe have summer garden homes and winter outdoor sports chalets. They are small and beautifully designed with European appointments. To find a builder in the U.S. who can build with true European sensibilities is somewhat challenging if not nearly impossible. This tiny home really is something you can construct & customize with enthusiastic friends or hand picked builders. It's a beauty and affordable!
  • Every household in Europe has one of these. For those of us in the U.S. -- it should be a must. Great for students in dorms, seniors in a senior center, busy parents on the go, hip singles or even more hip oldsters! Lightweight and foldable for storing in the trunk of a vehicle, and while folded it can be placed in a traditional American shopping cart while you are in the store. When you are ready to checkout, load your purchases right into the cart and wheel to your vehicle where it can go fully loaded into the back seat.  If you are lucky enough to walk to the store, or unlucky enough to make trips to the corner laundromat... it wheels right behind you. Easy-peasy.
  • If you are a writer, artist, musician or launching your career in the noble arts, you must honor your craft and your talents. It is imperative to choose your tools wisely. Palomino Blackwing Pencils are the most exquisite of all writing implements. This set makes for a wonderful gift, whether you tie a bow around the elegant box and bring to dinner party as a thank you to your hosts -- or as I do -- a memento to present to a shared soul on this path we call life. I will give to a special friend a single pencil with the wish that it serves them well. I have heard from several recipients that this one small gesture changed the approach to their art of letter writing, scholarly studies, music creation, sketching, and of course... writing.
  • This bell's ring will cut through any London Fog. And when the sun does burn away the Thames River's morning mist? Its gorgeous brass will sparkles as you navigate busy downtown streets or the roads that meander through hills and meadows on your way to your favorite pub. Delivered on a whimsical craft presentation card, the Classic Vintage Bicycle Bell makes for a unique gift that delights the eye, the ears, and looks great on a bike or on a writing desk.
  • I spotted this wonderful pet carrier basket this summer in Verona, Italy! So I knew I had to hunt it down for my stateside pet loving friends! I found a bike basket that is even more sensational! Of course they want to go! Your "best friend" loves to included on your adventures. You might be riding to the local library to pick up a book and then straight to a street-side cafe table. You can quietly read your book and enjoy a glass of wine, while your 4-pawed-pal laps up cold water brought to them in a bowl by the attentive Bistro server. That sound you hear? It's nearby diners blowing kisses to "Mister or Miss Well Behaved" as well as ooing & aahing over your bike and beautiful basket.
  • This is my go to hat when riding my bike to the downtown Saturday market. It fits nicely and doesn't blow off. But if it does, then the pretty lanyard allows it to drop to my back and not get away. I receive so many compliments on my "garden hat." Though, my only garden flowers are those which I tend on my balcony, market goers ask me if I'm selling any of my harvest here at the market. I tell them no... I'm just like you, enjoying the sunshine and picking out fresh veggies and fruits for tonight's dinner.